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Cyber Security Program/FTMS/Digital Forensic Professional

About The Course

The term cyber-crime no longer refers only to hackers and other external attackers. Almost all every case of financial fraud or employee misuse involves a very strong element of computer-based evidence. FTMS has been providing professional computer forensics, cyber breach investigation, incident detection and response services to clients. It now brings together its consolidated expertise into a four-day hands-on training on Certified Digital Forensic professional (DFP). The entire workshop is driven by hands-on exercises and case studies to ensure that all aspects have a real-life scenario-based approach.

Key Benefits of course

  • What should one do when there is a suspicion of a computer-based crime?
  • What tools and techniques are most likely to yield the right set of clues?
  • What is the procedure to deal with incident response and remediation?
  • How should the investigation be carried out such that it can be presented in a court of law?
  • Demonstration with the worlds’ leading forensics tool – Encase
  • Working with Forensics Distros like SIFT, DEFT, etc.

Who should attend this course?

  • Auditors and financial fraud examiners
  • Chief Security Officers and Chief Technology Officers
  • Professionals seeking a career in computer forensics and cybercrime investigations
  • Security and Network Administrators

Table of Contents

Session 1: Introduction to computer forensics

Session 2: Setting up a Computer Forensics Lab

Session 3: How to approach to crime scene

Session 4: Computer Investigation Process

Session 5: Forensic Imaging of the evidence

Session 6: Forensic Analysis of the evidence

Session 7: Steganography

Session 8: Email Crimes

Session 9: Investigating Network & log

Session 10: Mobile Forensics

Session 11: Forensic Report Writing

Session 12: Types of investigation

Session 13: Becoming an Expert witness

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