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Emerging Technology/Certified Business Analytics Specialist

Today, organizations are operating in a vibrant business environment, and thus face dynamic changes in customer demands. The companies want to deep dive into, not only the current information related to their customers, products, services and business process, but they also want to draw insights from the historical data related to their past performances and learn about previous trends and pattern. Thus, there has been a substantial adoption of business analytics market software and solutions among various industries for analysing such trends and unfold new business opportunities and formulate strategies based on new insights.

Further, growing demand for analytics is increasing due to the increase in the big data trend in the organizations. It is no longer easier for the organizations to sustain in an intense competitive environment without business analytics and gathering the knowledge of what has happened in the past is also not easy without analytics. The software helps the organizations to provide answers related to any of the business queries that "what has happened?" and helps them to understand "why it happened?" and predict "what should happen?" Hence, analytics plays a crucial role in augmenting organizational productivity and optimization of resources. With regard to this, the companies invest significantly for automation and optimization of processes to better address the customer demands, and reducing its operational cost. In addition, various factors such as supply chain management, inventory management, and proper information related to the customers employees and every individual helps the analytics to provide the profitable insight in a cost-efficient manner. Thus, organizations are fortified to adopt business analytics market solutions, to detect and reduce the risks and errors related to the operation which may further result in reduction of the profitability of the organizations. Companies leverage these solutions to optimize the business process and operations cost efficiently – through real-time access to critical data and constantly updated information such as schedules and dispatch, job views, and customer queries to perform work with agility.

In this training, participants will actively step through the industry standard process for data mining and realize why an advanced degree in statistics, mathematics or computer science is no longer needed to implement predictive analytics. Live working sessions reveal real-world obstacles and breakthroughs from which to interpret, learn and apply.

As part of the course, participant will be given a case study and it would cover all the aspects of the Business Analytics, right from making a Data/Information Architecture for the case study to the cycle of CRISP-DM and finally converting all the requirements into predictive models using Rapid Miner.


  • Data Analyst - Statistics and Mining
  • Data Analyst - Text Analytics
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • IHL students

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