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Emerging Technology/Cryptocurrency Workshop

What You Will LearnTrade & Sell with Cryptocurrency

Do you want to know how to invest in Cryptocurrency with only 100USD ? You will definitely get the answer after this course. 

Secret Behind Pricing Cryptocurrency

To make a wise investment, you have to first understand why the price rises/drops. Takes the factors into account and adjust your investment tactics in Cryptocurrency. 

Safely Store Your Cryptocurrency

Hackers are everywhere now ! And cyber-security is important to secure your wealth.  You will be taught a Simple, Fast and Safe method to protect your Cryptocurrency. 

Course Topics

A Full Day Cryptocurrency Workshop

  1. How to make the best use of the new world currencies?
  2. Embark on your first step to future wealth!
  3. Access to a private cryptocurrency group chat.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies

  1. What are cryptocurrencies?
  2. How cryptocurrencies work?
  3. What defines the price of cryptocurrencies?

How to Set up a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

  1. Types of wallets – Web, Hot & Cold
  2. How to use a wallet?
  3. How to store your cryptocurrencies simple, fast & safe?

How to Buy, Sell, Trade & Invest with Cryptocurrencies?

  1. Where to buy & sell cryptocurrencies?
  2. Investment as low as USD100
  3. How to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies?
  4. What are cryptocurrency exchanges?
  5. What cryptocurrencies you should buy?
  6. Get referrals commissions
  7. Risks and rewards
  8. Current trend and analysis
  9. Links to News, Forums, Mobile Apps & Tools

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