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A Colored Brain is a psychometric tool that helps you maximize our capacity to act intelligently. Knowing how neurotransmitter substances and “brain communication” work, you may use them to maximize the development of “software” for your brain to achieve greater competence across many disciplines. 

After attending the Colored Brain Full Day Workshop, you will be able to communicate effectively with people of all types, understand others deeper and maintain better bondings at work and at home. You will find learning and teaching easier, as a result of  the superior harmony and cooperation with your environment and your teams.



  • To create positive change in the environment by acting intelligently
  • To identify their genetic brain processor and its fundamental patterns
  • To communicate effectively with people of all types as a result of discovering brain processes
  • To overcome misunderstanding, conflict and wastage of individual and group potential
  • To develop mental flexibility to foster a better relationship and personal effectiveness

Key Modules:

  1. Brain Psychology Awareness
  • Environment and You
  • The four insanities
  • Perceptions and assumptions
  • Circle of tolerance
  1. Exploring the brain processors
  • Colored glasses syndrome
  • Ambiguity relief process
  • Colored Brain Communication Inventory
  • Four Colored Brain processors : strengths and communication styles
  1. Developing mental flexibility
  • Avoiding brain racism
  • Communication dynamics
  • The color of leadership and team dynamics
  • Enhancing brain softwares

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