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Professional Development Programs/Technical/Specialty Skills/Implementing Applied Risk Management

A meaningfully applied risk management framework provides the much needed support and enhancement to business and project planning and execution, to ensure success and acceptance by the key stakeholders.

This workshop enables personnel from all functional departments to gain a strong insight into a practical risk management approach that drives success. Practical approaches include the structuring and implementation of mitigation and contingency activities.


Level 1
Day 1
1. Setting the Foundation
What is Emergent Leadership?
Identify the myths associated with Leadership
Defining Leadership
Traits that enhance Leadership skills
Avoid common Leadership pitfalls
How attitude and values affect Leadership abilities
2. The Vision Leader
Why a vision is important to providing Leadership
Active Leadership Assessment
Refining Your Personal Vision Towards an Emergent Perspective
The Active Leadership Model

Day 2
3. Purposing Communication
As a critical part of the Emergent Leadership Process
Determining Intentions and Structuring Approach
Plus-Reasoning, Minus-Reasoning
Pus-Responses, Minus-Responses
Utilizing Effective Listening and Querying Skills
Communication as a Motivational and Empowerment Tool
4.  Dynamics of an Emergent Team
An Overview of Team Characteristics
Understanding How Teams Develop and Perform
Establishing an Emergent Team
Establishing Conflict Resolution Principles

Level 2
Day 1
5.  Decision Making, Delegation, and Problem Solving
Decision making elements
Incorporating Elements of Design Thinking
S.M.A.R.T.A.S. outcomes
Delegation principles
Proven problem-solving approaches
Common pitfalls in effective decision making
6.  Feedback and Performance Management
Effective performance management of emergent teams
Evaluating, praising, reprimanding, and counseling
Preparing for performance management discussions
Conducting performance management discussions
Evaluating performance expectations objectively 

Day 2
7. Managing Change and Crisis Situations
Situational factors that affect leadership
Differences & similarities between change and crisis
Set goals to effectively lead followers during crisis
Solve problems and resolve conflict effectively while leading

8. Case Study Discussions and Analysis
Participants will discuss a case study involving emergent leadership, and provide recommendations and alternatives
9.  Planning & Action Delivery Session
Actions and deliverables for the workplace 

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