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5 Things You Need To Know About LPT (Master)

LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester) is an online, practical exam that stimulates students with eighteen hours of performance. It needs the candidate to illustrate a repeatable, methodological, and calculable approach towards successful pentest.
If you wish to outshine as a pentester, you should choose Licensed Penetration Tester (LP|T).

Credentialing Exam

Licensed Penetration Tester (LP|T) is a credential exam for getting certified as a pentester. The best thing is it is a hundred percent online course with an eighteen hours performance.
This course has three categories or three levels of six hours each. It helps in building pen-testing ability, perseverance, and methodological approach. During this entire course, you will come across the toughest real-time cybersecurity challenges.

APT (Advanced Penetration Testing) Supports LP|T

EC Council regulates APT (Advanced Penetration Testing). It is a program or initiation in which individuals learn penetration skills and builds extensive accessibility as a pentester.
Even the Advanced Penetration Testing program helps professionals to build time management capability. It helps to go through a time-constraint environment and perform as the best pentester.

It is a robust, skillful, and challenging experience, though people misunderstood it as a cybersecurity certification.

Report Writing

Being a pentester, you need to be proficient in report writing to present mindful and informative reports after your testing. And LP|T provides with this skill as a whole. It is a mandatory skill in LP|T program to become proficient in report writing.
Report writing is necessary to evaluate the qualification of a person as LP|T (master). It is so because not all pentester are good at report writing. And report writing for a pentester is a must skill to propose remediation or an idea to the management.
Since there is a supervision of experts in this program, the report writing also takes place under the pentest domain experts.


Licensed Penetration Tester (master) is a one-time credential with additional benefits, viz. once you attain this certification, it is valid for two years. And after that, there is an annual restoration to preserve this credential.

EC Council's Advanced Penetration Testing (ECCAPT)

EC Council's Advanced Penetration Testing in the foundation for LP|T (master) credential. It is the backbone of the Advanced Penetration Testing course. Experts with experience of twenty-five years or more in pentest have designed this.

The best part about ECCAPT is that it is dynamic viz., it changes with the changing technology and updated machinery. It is a duplicate of the business network with an actual description.   
The objectives are progressive with every level viz., after completing one machine, the other won't disappoint you at any point.

The first thing to do is to identify a target attack surface within a fixed period. After doing this, as a pentester, you have to obtain access to the machines and intensify privileges. And this will improve your penetration testing skills with increasing targets you can fix on your own.

Wrapping Up

Licensed Penetration Testing (master) is a program or a credential for penetration testing professionals. Often people take it as a cybersecurity certification, but it is not so. This program comes under the EC Council's supervision, which is famous for its certification courses in cybersecurity and testing frameworks.

You are aware of the importance of LP|T now and wish to excel in your career as a pentester. You need to check out LP|T credential online and apply to pursue this career and get perfection in the skills to become a prominent pentester.

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