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ACCA Course its relevance in present times

The ACCA Course or training is a globally offered program by the association of chartered certified accountants of the UK, a global organization comprising professional accountants. This course aims at providing ambition and ability and business-relevant opportunities for people who are interested to seek a profitable career in accountancy, management, and finance. The organization has stood for Diversity, innovation, accountabilities, opportunity, and integrity. For years, the ACCA training courses have made sure they prepare top-class professional accountants for business through their training.

Why should you pursue the ACCA course? 

These days, a lot of global organizations offer accountancy qualifications to people. Here is why you should choose the ACCA accounting course:

ACCA is currently the most widespread accountancy body which comprises over 200,000 members, 486000 students in more than 186 countries.  It has more than 100 centers in various countries of the world. 

Qualification is based on international accounting standards, which makes the certification globally relevant. Accountant certification from ACCA is recognized by educational authorities and key regulators around the world. 

Professional qualifications from ACCA have been benchmarked against educational levels around the world. So, by pursuing ACCA taxation courses, you choose qualifications that are independently quality checked. 

ACCA has more than 100 years of proven reputation for quality and brilliance, employing 7,200 affirmed employers worldwide

ACCA puts a strong emphasis on ethics meaning that employers know they are getting ethical accountants

Quality guaranteed qualifications mean employers can be confident of your ability and intelligence

ACCA course details, certification, and eligibility

Students who have passed higher secondary education from the commerce stream, passing in 5 subjects including mathematics and English, and scoring at least 65% of marks in at least 2 subjects and above 50% in the other ones are eligible to pursue the ACCA accounting course. Students who are simultaneously pursuing their graduation in BBA, BCom, BMS can also sit for the ACCA course. 

This is a 3 years course and the ACCA exam will be held twice every year. Students can sit for a maximum of 4 papers in one session. It also must be noted that all students must complete and qualify for all exams in 2 years. Practical exams will be conducted in the next year.  Only then can they get the ACCA certificates. Usually, ACCA coaching is conducted on weekends, thus allowing students to pursue this course along with their job or studies. Students must pass all 14 papers of the ACCA training course. A detailed study of the ACCA course material:


F1: Accountant in Business

F2: Management Accounting

F3: Financial Accounting Skills

F4: Corporate and Business Law

F5: Performance Management

F6: Taxation

F7: Financial Reporting

F8: Audit & Assurance

F9: Financial Management


P1: Governance, Risk, and Ethics

P2: Corporate Reporting (The UK or International)

P3: Business Analysis

Options (Choose any 2 from 4)

P4: Advanced Financial Management

P5: Advanced Performance Management

P6: Advanced Taxation

P7: Advanced Audit, & the Assurance (The UK or International)

ACCA job prospects 

In recent times, the ACCA certification has gained immense importance in the Indian business sector. The ACCA course and certification considered to be at par with the Indian CA qualification because of similar aims for knowledge and employability. People are becoming more aware of the ACCA course and its opportunities as a result, of which the number of ACCA qualified accountants is increasing exponentially. An ACCA qualification person is highly appreciated in international banks, audit firms, IT companies, and everywhere. A recent surge in the number of approved accountants registered with ACCA has also helped in bringing the more, number of ACCA jobs in India. The jobs portal of ACCA assists registered ACCA students to search for jobs ACCA in India and abroad.

ACCA Salary 

A lot of times people question about job opportunities and prospects of the ACCA qualification. If you are an ACCA certified accountant, your starting salary is expected to be 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum, even if you are a beginner. After giving the ACCA exam you become part of ACCA compensation increments will more than 7 Lakhs yearly.

ACCA Training at FTMS global training systems 

FTMS is a famous ACCA training and coaching institute because of our expertise and experience. We have been in this field for years. We also have our branches in various metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, etc. 

We provide ACCA exam training which can be opted as a part-time or full-time course, thus allowing you to carry on with your job and studies. 

We provide education at a convenient pace, keeping in mind the capacity of every student. 

We provide both management and financial accounting skills so that you can apply for jobs in any sector like industries, roles, business, etc. 

Our experts deliver deep and insightful knowledge in every aspect of accountancy, ensuring that you possess the right and complete skillset at the end of 3 years. They make sure you are well equipped to face the real world, with your knowledge. They will also assist you in choosing the right finance role. 


So if you are looking for a reliable institute offering ACCA training course and certification, look no further than FTMS. Contact us today and open a wide arena of job prospects for yourself!